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True autorun

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True autorun

Is it possible to let the PortableApps Menu start the instant you insert a flash drive?

Now I always get a popup from Windows' autorun which asks me what action to perform, one of which is to start PortableApps. I have to switch PCs very often, easily 20+ times a day. After a few weeks the extra 2 clicks everytime are starting to get bothersome. In addition some of the PCs have autorun disabled. Double clicking the drive icon in My Computer doesn't default to autorun either, but opens the map instead.

I know this is more a luxury problem, and it are just a few extra clicks, but as mentioned I go through this routine very often. I think this process could be more streamlined.

I've compared the autorun.ini with those of other install CDs but I couldn't see a difference, yet they start automatically without Windows interferring, and autorun is the default action.

As a side note: I really love the new eject button in the last version, which allready speeds up the process of switching PCs.

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Yes and No

You can get it to autorun on PCs you own by auto-running this on Windows startup:

It's just a test for now.

Windows does not autorun from removable drives. Earlier versions of Windows did autorun without a prompt from CD but Vista and future Windows releases will not due to security issues (like when a certain major record label put self-installing malware on their audio cds).

Most public PCs should have autorun disabled for those same security reasons. I recommend disabling it at home, too.

So, that extra click is actually a good thing since it prevents people from accidentally having their computer compromised.

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Last seen: 16 years 2 weeks ago
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Thanks for the reply and the welcome

I know about the security issues, someone once gave me an infected USB stick (which she didn't even know) and it tried to auto install a virus. Fortunately I have good security apps and it was blocked.

The USB stick I use for work however is unlikely to get infected. I have good internet behavior and I only use it to trasfer files and run programs which I can't install. We're supposed to have 'everything' we'll ever need pre-installed, which just isn't the case.

I will try using the apps you have linked to, as soon as I can close Firefox and can remove my USB. Smile

Thanks again.

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