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Pictures and spelling in Pidgin Portable

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Pictures and spelling in Pidgin Portable

My apologies for what are undoubtedly very basic questions:

1. Any problems sending/receiving pictures (.jpg images) with Pidgin Portable? Or is it text only?

2. Any chance a spell checker of some sort is built into the app?

If the answers are "no," feel free to recommend a portable app that does offer something more like what I want.

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regarding 2

you can add Aspell to your Pidgin as outlined here.

Please use the search bar in the upper right corner next time because lots of questions have been asked before. I for example found that post by searching for "pidgin aspell".

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No and Yes.

1) No, no problems sending any files via pidgin. If the protocol supports it, it will work. I do notice that Yahoo can be iffy from time to time, but AIM works flawlessly, as do others.

2) See Simeon's post.

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Yes, sending is good but receiving is ..

I can completely send any file thru pidgin but can't receive any picture files. They seem to be corrupted. Text files works though.

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