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Portable Apps Backup: suggestion for improvement

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Portable Apps Backup: suggestion for improvement

Portable App Backup automatically uses the system %TEMP% directory to create the actual backup file. This is not working very well for relatively large portable hard drives which often by far exceed (even when compressed) the maximum available disc space of the drive where the %TEMP% resides on.

Since the 7za tool has a parameter (-w) which could be used to customize the temporary working directory, I actually don't see a reason to not use this. A simple file dialog letting the user choose an arbitrary directory would do.

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PortableApps Backup:Seperate it

Please consider separating PA Backup from the PA Suite. I have had some problems with PA Backup and was forced to install the PA Suite to a folder to get the app.

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That's the exact reason why

That's the exact reason why the backup process always fails. Is there anything I can do to use another temporary directory? My system drive is full. There is no chance that I will ever have enough free disk space to make a backup of my 8 GB flashdrive unless I can find a way to fix this problem.

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another improvement

i think, if possible, it would be interesting to have
* estimated time for backup
* final time to make backup


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Backup Temp File.

Hello, Everyone...

I just discovered this issue this morning. I have an 80gb portable hard drive. I've used TrueCrypt to encrypt the entire volume and I've installed PortableApps behind the encryption. Everything works flawlessly and I'm able to mount the driver to Windows OR Linux without any issues. However, I tried to backup my drive this morning and had to stop it because of the size of the temporary file that it generated. The backup process is extremely easy and I love the interface. However, it would be greatly appreciated if this issue could be resolved so that the temporary file is generated at, let's say, a user-defined location. Even having the ability to backup without compression (seemingly the reason for the temporary file) would be great. Keep up the great work. I use PortableApps EVERY DAY!

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Have you considered trying Toucan?

From the Toucan page:
Toucan is a small utility allowing you to synchronise, backup and secure your data with more options than the built in suite utilities.


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Hi, ...

Please use 7-Zip 9.20, with Backup.

For the moment, it compress with 7-Zip v4.65

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Two things:
  1. This is an old thread. There's no need to resurrect it. The Platform 2.0 Beta 5 thread would be a much more relevant place to ask.
  2. Wait and see what Beta 6 has.

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