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adding Abiword plugins

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adding Abiword plugins

The way adding plugins (and dictionaries ??) to Abiword 2.6.4

# Close AbiWord Portable
# Download a standard plugin installer from the AbiWord website
# Follow the prompts as normal. Uncheck the option to create an uninstaller when it comes up (otherwise an entry will be made in Add/Remove Programs on the local PC.....

does not work.

Because there is no option to create an uninstaller, which I can 'uncheck' ...... ?!?

There is only one option - 'select components to install' - if I uncheck this, nothing will be installed. If I leave that 'checked' it will be installed on my local PC .... Sad

Maybe the 'todo' is refering to an older version of the plugins ?

I just wanted to install a german and a british dictionary.

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I think

the uninstaller is only created if you´re installing plugins and not dictionaries. So you´re fine just installing the dic.

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