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Uninstalling Thunderbird EULA after installation in wrong location

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Uninstalling Thunderbird EULA after installation in wrong location

Okay, I did something stupid. I thought I'd give Suite a try as a new user on a new flash drive.

1) I downed the suite, all 100+ MB
2) Plugged in the new Flash (yes, I erased all files on it first)
3) Invoked the Suite installer and of course it asked where did I want to install.
4) Found Drive D of the 1GB size (I thought, great) and installed
5) Only after I pulled the flash out did I find that the plug contacts were broken off inside the flash housing (I wondered why its light didn't blink during install)
6) Still, there was Drive D with the completed installation. ONLY THEN, did I realized, that the installer created a partition on my hard drive because of course it didn't see the broken flash drive at all, and the installer labelled a new partition on my "C" Drive, called it "D" and installed there.
7) I threw the broken Flash in the trash
8) Read John Haller's comments on un-installing: just delete the two folders and other installed exe's and you're done --or-- format the drive. Sounded easy.


9) I feared that Formatting the 'D' Drive would delete the entire physical Drive which is my main C Drive. So, I opted for John's suggestion to just delete the files. All went fine until one file, the EULA.TXT for Thunderbird. The file won't let me change it's name or delete it.

10) How (okay dumb question) can I delete that danged EULA.TXT file? Or if I cannot do that can I format the 'D' drive which is really a partition without deleting my entire C drive???

Yes, I bought I new Flash drive now, so am ready to try the Suite again.

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IDK about formatting

the partition, but have you tried restarting your system and then trying to delete the file? I know I've had times when a file was locked by Windows and couldn't be deleted at first, but after a system reboot, Windows would release it and it could then be deleted afterwards.

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If that doesn't work, try unlocker. Its a neat little program that lets you free unmovable etc. files.

Are you 100% certain that it created a partition?
Seems highly unlikely to me. Doe is show up in your device manager?
I always thought the installers would just give an error and close if something happened.

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probably not partitioning

can not see how this can be done so simple.
But on many computers there are partitions like some recovery or what ever drivers deposit and so on, those might not be seen first, but can be mounted then.

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