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Miranda: Yahoo Portable Messenger 10MB

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Miranda: Yahoo Portable Messenger 10MB

I'm new here and don't know if this is even the place to post something like this. I was looking for the Yahooo Portable App that I could run off my 120gig pd and I found it here. I was wondering why it's not listed on this site and why was it so hard for me to find. I don't know if sharing is allowed here, but if it is I found the messenger here: [link to illegal software removed by moderator JTH]

I have like 200 apps on my drive so far all of them good ones. I downloaded it and it's been working Great! Enjoy...

John Bentley
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Welcome to

Welcome to

Can you please remove the link. Repackaging copyrighted software is illegal and this site does not allow that. I also recommend that you remove it from your HD.

cowsay Moo
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Pidgen & Miranda

Pidgen and Miranda are multi-protocol IM clients that can be used to connect to Yahoo IM. You can find portable versions of both of them here.

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Hi. Can u send me this link plz?
My email is:
[Email removed by mod SL, sorry we do not permit the redistribution of illegal software in any way here on, including via email addresses posted on this site, thank you for understanding]

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What about Pidgin and Trillian anywhere?

They are much better than Yahoo Portable.

And if you don't like downloading stuff, try

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