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VLC 0.9.4 problem synchronyzing subtites (*.sub)

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Martind Forlon
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VLC 0.9.4 problem synchronyzing subtites (*.sub)

Hi all. I have problem with timing *.sub subtitles. From beginning seems timing ok, but then subtitles shows faster as film goes (and I be afraid that shift isn't constant). I try then films with *.crt and here it looks OK. Can someone help me with *.sub problem? ... Maybe only sub converter solve this.

Thanks for reply.

p.r.: In 0.8.6f were films with *.sub OK.

John T. Haller
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Try the local version of 0.9.4 to ensure its something that is specific to the portable version. It's probably not just the portable version as VLC 0.9.x on Windows is buggy.

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