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in case you guys didnt know...

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in case you guys didnt know...

my sites are finally up Biggrin you can find the new silerspot

[self-promotion removed by moderator PP - while it was unintentional, it still is promotion and we can't let everyone do that]

[also, please use more informative topic titles in the future - thanks]

José Pedro Arvela
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I don't know...

I don't know the utility of this post... You had your sites running ok before, and the differences are almost none...

Also, you should get a better counter. Biggrin Something that is not a "Hit" Counter but a true Visits Counter. Biggrin

I've already heard bad of Sitemeter, but while I can't find a good counter that is not a "Hit" Counter and gives me the info Sitemeter does I'll stick with it. Biggrin

Also, regarding, although I never use sharing services I like the new sharing widget, simpler and nicer.

Blue is everything.

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