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Hard time swithching from U3 to

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Hard time swithching from U3 to

If you look through the forums you will see that a long time ago I did a post speaking of how upset I was with U3. I bought the drive and a few weeks later I got Vista and it wouldn't work. Well eventually I did exchange my U3 drives for ones with firmware that could work on Vista. I have been using my U3 drives like crazy. I have bought a ton of programs for U3 and have never had a problem since. I do have a new flash drive all setup with menu on it. I just can't seem to get all the commercial apps that U3 has for it. I use WinRar all the time. Now I know there is a portable version called WinRar Unplugged and I did install it on my drive. The problem is in the menu it shows all the little support apps for WinRar as well and it looks messy. I also have 9 BigFish games. I got to tell you when I am on lunch at work (I work evenings), those games are so good and they keep me entertained and awake. I really doubt that I can get any BigFish Games on menu? I also use Mobile Zoom Player which I think they may offer for regular portable drives as well. I really am making an effort but I just love U3. Maybe when StartKey comes out things will be better. I love that there are CD/DVD buring programs for that are not available for U3. Anyone have any suggestions? I also have tried the shortcut creators and running multiple menus etc. I just want one menu that can do it all. To bad it isn't possible to have menu have the ability to install and run U3 programs. Any ideas or suggestions?


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Best of both worlds

I run both U3 and portable apps on my u3 drive. Smithtech has a short cut creator to add portable apps programs to the u3 menu or you can run the PAM separately to U3

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Did Somebody moved your cheese?

I once was there before but I think I was lucky enough to find out about early during my U3 days.

I'm an open source community supporter, and where one or more people get together to create something useful and share them with as many people as they can, then it is worth a look.

I suggest you forget about you U3 drive for a day, and prepare the other USB drive with all the apps you need to get through yet another work/study/social day.

-----Software Suggestions--

7-Zip Portable instead of WinRar

7-Zip is considered to be one of the best if not the best compression software out there right now. The interface isn't eye candy but when you see all the 7-zip does and how good it does it, you stop caring about the UI.

Another alternative would be PeaZip Portable, which uses 7-zip as well and including a more eye candy UI and features.

When it comes to Media Players there nothing like VLC Player so why not take that for a ride instead of ZOOM Player.

As for having a single menu that can run U3 and portable apps like those in, good luck finding one.


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