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I'm having a little trouble deleting a folder...

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I'm having a little trouble deleting a folder...

I recently downloaded OpenOffice 3.0. And I used the Universal Extractor to extract the installer. But then the folder that was extracted was all weird and didn't contain any .exes or anything else. Just weird files with no names other things.

So I just deleted it but I couldn't. It gave this alert.

I even tried deleting it with eraser.... and just got errors.


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I have had this problem and I

I have had this problem and I believe that this means that the file directory name is too long. So what you can do it see if u can rename any of the folders, probably start with the very last folder and work you way up, or just rename the whole folder and try to delete it. When you rename them just change it to something simple, such as "a" to replace a long folder name such as "345678987654asdfghjk" or something like that.
But I could be mistaken and you could have some way different kind of situation, but try this and tell me how it goes. Biggrin

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Boot linux and delete it :D

Boot linux and delete it Biggrin

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I can't believe I didn't think of that....

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I have an old DOS program

I have an old DOS program called elim.exe that can be run in a dos box in windowsXP. I have used it to delete asian files which sometimes show up like this: ____________.__ This happens sometimes if you don't have asian language support installed. I have just done a google search but can not find it on the internet anymore. The program is tiny, only 6Kb, so if you want to try it, I can email to you.

Program info:

ELIM 1.6

Small program to delete files
not accessible to DOS Del
- and -
Avoid DEL's 'Are you sure?' prompt

Bob Eyer

Feb 17, 1991

CAUTION: Please read the WARNING


ELIM filename/wildcard

The main purpose of ELIM is to enable the user to delete files
which normal DOS DEL or ERASE cannot handle. For example, the
user may run a poorly programmed utility which accidentally
creates files which have a blank or other illegal character in the
filename. DOS DEL will not be able to delete such a file. ELIM
will solve the problem.

ELIM 1.6 always reports on the screen what it did to each file, so
proper control can be maintained.

ELIM does not prompt the user for confirmation, where a wildcard
is used. Thus, it is unnecessary to pipe a "y" to DEL in a batch
file. Just use ELIM.

ELIM supports all DOS wildcard shortcuts. For example, if one
wishes to delete all the files in the TEST directory, one can do
that simply by issuing the command


The following are also legitimate:

ELIM ..\.

If you've left C: in directory WORK and are now on D:,


will delete all read/write files in C:\WORK and ignore all read
only files in that directory.

If you're in WORK\B and there is an A subdirectory of WORK, you
can delete all read-write files in the A subdirectory from your
present B subdirectory by issuing the following command:

ELIM ..\A\.

Warning: don't use DOS wildcard shortcuts unless you're sure you
know what you're doing. These shortcuts are for experts, not

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