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there is no printer in most client

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there is no printer in most client

everyone need a printer for printing.
i search for a portable printer in other site but there is no free.

please make a portable printer to print page as PDF.


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Ay what do you mean?????

what exactly are yo wanting to know. it sounds like you are looking for a portable printer?? this is not a printer but a software environment for using portable applications

if you need to print things most applications like Openofffice of abiword will let you print from them. all you need to do is run the application you want and it will automatically detect any printer on the host system.

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open office has a built in pdf export

actually we´re here on OOo portable 2.4.1, but the upgrade to 3.0 is to come within the next weeks Wink

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what about real (network) printers?


is there a solution to add a printer as long the portable apps suite is running?

My printer can be reached by dyndns/raw and I want to print on every pc without installing the printer every time again.


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not portable

You have to go into the Control Panel and run "add hardware". Some printers come with a CD that you would have run to install the necessary software.

Also, seeing as printers aren't very portable, why do you want a portable one? Have you invented a collapsible printer?

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The subject was about PDF printers, not physical ones.

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there are portable ones

i bought my stepmother one and its small enough to fit in her computerbag or in my backpack and it also comes the ability of a Li-Ion Battery. sure its not the tiniest thing possible but it works well and has the capability of producing photo quality prints.

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