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differnt path for my profile - specified in the mirandaboot.ini

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differnt path for my profile - specified in the mirandaboot.ini

Hey there,

I want to put my profile e.g. at the desktop of my computer - Miranda Portable is installed on a USB Stick through the suite (Platform Only).

Now, I edited the mirandaboot.ini like this:


then I started Miranda through the suite and an error occurred:

even though I edited the .ini file ...

...after taking a look at the .ini again - it was reset like I never edited it.

Any suggestions how you can run Miranda with the .dat on a different device!?

You have to copy the MirandaPortable.ini (not the mirandaboot.ini)
in the folder where the MirandaPortable.exe is, too.

Then edit it like:

AdditionalParameters=-profile "C:\Users\muelli\Desktop\*filename*.dat"


ps: i know my english is awful

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I accidentally deleted your comment regarding Thunderbird while removing your other duplicate comment. Please repost it ONCE in a single current thread.

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