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PNotes: Quesgestion

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PNotes: Quesgestion

Question/Suggestion => Quesgestion

I just downloaded and started using the program, Oliver, and I find it's useful and more flexible than a first glance would suggest. Thanks!

How difficult would it be to make a left-click on the blue arrows (which pop up adjacent to docked notes) cause the docked notes to pop back to their un-docked positions, either Angel one by one, until there are no more docked notes? OR (b) to *temporarily* undock them all, to remind one's self of the contents of one note in a stack, say, a phone# or url or whatever, then have any other desktop mouse-click outside PNotes cause them all to re-dock?

The way it is now, although workable, forces us to right-click on the arrow to open the menu, then mouse to the "Undock" item, then click on "None", which only undocks the "top" note, and if that's not the one we want, then we must repeat that entire sequence again to get to the next note, etc., etc.

Hardened and practiced laziness behind this quesgestion, I readily admit.