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Gaim VS Pidgin and Info

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Gaim VS Pidgin and Info

Hello boys and girls.
Okay don't get me wrong, I like Pidgin too.
I seem to like Gaim a little better, not sure why,
I have had it since I started using PortableApps.
So maybe that's why, but it works.

Is Gaim completely gone ? not being worked on as Gaim at all ?

If it's not being worked on, should I uninstall it,
or delete it ?. I find my self using both of them just to see
if I can find any real differences, and other than security
maybe, Gaim does not double up on names and wierd stuff.
Looks and works fine for me. Lol.

It seems like it does not have weird problems, and is pretty stable
like the ones we ALL know have to be worked out in ANY new version
or updates Smile

Why the name change from Gaim to Pidgin ?

John T. Haller
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Pidgin is Gaim

Pidgin is Gaim. They changed the name due to legal pressure from AOL which has trademarked AIM.

All it was was a name change and then further development by the same team of developers. It's just a newer version.

So, saying you like Gaim and want to stick with it is like saying you like Firefox 1.0 and want to keep using it. While you're perfectly welcome to in either case, it won't be developed further, it has known security issues and it has known bugs that won't be fixed.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Last seen: 1 year 6 months ago
Joined: 2008-02-27 03:27
Ah yes.

It's just that when I installed the small suite gaim was with it.
and when I upgraded/insatlled Pidgin it went into a seperate
So I will uninstall that, sort of sadly.:(

That trademark stuff sucks, since seeing if you make a program
"chat" in this case, and call it something with 20 characters long
it almost seems if there are thsoe 3 trademark letters in order anywhere in there you're er well screwed.
or even something like AverageInstantMessenger. Lol.

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