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Portable West Point Bridge Designer [Launcher Only]

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Portable West Point Bridge Designer [Launcher Only]

Application: Westpoint Bridge Designer

Category: Utilities (?)


Westpoint Bridge designer is a simulator for building and simulating testing of Bridges. This version is a [LAUNCHER ONLY] and you will have to download Westpoint Bridge Designer separately. You can do so by following the link above or following the "How to install" below. Jump to the setup Instructions below.

(MD5: cc5166b337724195d87c80a7efbbe26e | 393 KB)

How To "Setup":
1. Download Westpoint Bridge Designer. (Here)
2. Either Install it to your computer or use Uniextract to extract the Setup7x.
3. If done through Uniextract, go into the setup7x Folder and then into the %AppDir% folder and copy the

* sstbars.ocx
* WPBD2007.exe
* WPBD2007 (help file)

files into the App folder of WestpointBridgeDesignerPortable. The same files need to be copied if installed to the computer, but they will be in the Program Files area (usually at C:\Program Files\West Point Bridge Designer 2007) and copy those files stated above to the App directory.

11/18/08 - Original Release