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Opening OO Portable from a flash drive on a Mac...

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Opening OO Portable from a flash drive on a Mac...

This might be a silly question, but running Open Office Portable from a flash drive, while on a Mac computer, wouldn't work, right?

John T. Haller
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It depends on whether the Mac has Crossover Office or Parallels installed. If it does, then it should work. Be warned though that both are incredibly slow.

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Opening documents works

I'm a Mac user and have portableApps so all my favorite apps are available when I have to go into a Windows environment. On my Mac I have OOo 3 installed (lovely with its Aqua interface) and before that OOo2 using X11.

With either OOo3 or OOo2 I accessed documents on my flash drive created when using a Windows machine. THere's no problem; other than remember to nagivate the directory structure to get tot he documents on the flash drive.

Personall I woulnd't install a Windows emultor on a Mac just to be able to run OOo. TGiven that nothing I need is available Wndows-only I don't need Microsoft eating up additional diskspace in order for me to run a Windows version of a product that I can get in an Apple Mac native form. So I'd ditch the idea of doing that and install OOo3 for Mac OS X and leave yourself diskspace.

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