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TortoiseSVN Portable

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TortoiseSVN Portable

I think TortoiseSVN Portable would be a great addiction to portable apps. Ok before all you nay-sayers come in. Yes I know of SubCommander and RapidSVN but neither have a very good set or features, they aren't very stable and they are not easy to use! and Yes I know it's a shell extension! but I really do think it would be perfectly eligible to be a Portable App. First off it is Opensource and OSI compliant, Secondly TortoiseSVN *really really* simplifies SVN, just about anyone can use it.

I'm sure there's more too it than just registering/unregistering the shell extension, but this would totally make my day if this was made into a reality! I promise not to get my hopes up.

Ryan McCue
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Unfortunately not.

Because of the shell extension, it's pretty much impossible to make this portable. (I say pretty much, because you could use a virtual machine, though that defeats the purpose.)

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Start menu?

How about start menu portable?
Isn´t that a portable shell extension?
Could it be used to store the normal tortoise as an normal setup and aply to the start menu portable shell extension?

Just an idea, dont have a clue if that's possible or not Wink


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Yea that be great, i work

Yea that be great, i work with RapidSVN but TortoiseSVN is so much better.
Tortoise have a much better interface and can use it a little child(is so easy to use).

Bye Kostas

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I am know planning a base set of utility programs (mainly for programming) to include on about two hundred VMs that will be used for software testing and development. Because these VMs should be clean for testing, I'm not installing these apps, and I'm specially avoiding shell extensions. Instead, I'm using portable versions of the software. In particular, I'd like to have an SVN repository browser to be able to... well, mainly browse the repository, but also to checkout any folder needed. The Tortoise repo-browser is my preferred tool for such task, so I think that there you have a case in which making Tortoise portable could actually make sense.

Please let me know if you decide to start this project. Anyway, thanks!

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