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I just got onto this and wanted to try it out.
I wanted to install it on my other PC (Windows Vista) but when I try to install it but when I choose the directory and click INSTALL it comes up with an error straight away "Error opening file for writing: ***\Desktop.ini" Then I have a choice of Abort, Retry, Ignore and it does this for every single file.

I thought it might of been an incomplete file or something but I installed it 1st time on my XP Computer.

Has this happened to anyone else? I thought it might be a firewall or something stopping the program from functioning properly but I couldn't figure it out.

Thanks in advance

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where do you installing it?

in fact it is supposed to be installed on a portable media like an usb stick.
Did you plug in a formated usb stick?

Or do you try to install it on the PC? Which path?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Gonna format my USB Stick now, didn't know I had to do that.
I would like to get it on the PC not USB though. I think I will try installing in a safer directory so Windows doesn't try to stop it.

Thanks guys will let you know how it goes Smile

John T. Haller
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You're trying to install it somewhere you don't have the proper permissions to. Vista is more restrictive by default than any Windows before it.

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Stupid Vista, I am quite sure it was Vista just complaining about me installing in the "Program Files" folder oooooooo. Like that's a crime.

Anyway I just install it on my Desktop then just moved it in there, works fine now :).

Thanks Guys.

Bruce Pascoe
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Vista not allowing non-elevated users to write to Program Files is a good thing: That means non-elevated viruses also can't write to it and infect your programs.

I don't understand people. Before Vista, everyone complained that Windows was insecure because all users were admins by default. Now that Vista is more secure out of the box, those same people complain because they can't do whatever they want with their PCs, and are generally the first ones to turn off UAC. I give up.

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