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Default Folder on Startup

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Default Folder on Startup

I love Thunderbird - in fact I have just switched over to it from Outlook (mainly because I can run it from memory stick and use it on any computer I happen to be using at the time).

My only niggle at the moment is that I don't seem to be able to persuade it to select the inbox as the default folder on startup which is frustrating to say the least. At the moment every time I run the program I end up looking at the junk folder. ](*,)

Is there any way to achieve this?

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Select Inbox Add-on

There's an add-on "Select Inbox" (currently version 1.6) which works for me.
However, I still use ver.1.4, so, wouldn't know if there were any issues with the latest one.

Here's the link:

Edit: Just updated to v.1.6, and it works fine.

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I've tried this and get some

I've tried this and get some strange results.

If I use the parameter -mail mailbox://Inbox, then TB opens and appears to have NO folder selected. The message area is empty and no folder is selected in the list.

If I use -mail mailbox://Local Folders/Inbox then the same thing happens, except that TWO instances of TB are opened both exhibiting the same behaviour.

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That sounds like you're

That sounds like you're specifying a folder that doesn't exist, or at least, not getting the name right.

I believe that the second form is the correct URI, but, since there is a space in it, it is being interpreted as two parameters, hence the two windows, and neither of the two specified folders "mailbox://Local" and "Folders/Inbox" exist, so both are blank.

Try enclosing it in quotes, so
-mail "mailbox://Local Folders/Inbox"
and see what that does

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Select startup folder and/or rearrange accounts.

Here's what I use. It lets you choose a startup folder and rearrange accounts. Works great.

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Thanks Guys. I've installed

Thanks Guys.

I've installed the add-in and will give it a try.

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I've now tried both

I've now tried both SelectInbox (1.6) and Folderpane Tools ( and neither achieves what I'm after.

With either running (I've not run the two together), TB will always open the folder that was selected last time is was shutdown, regardless of whether there is any new mail in the Inbox or not. This is fine if the last folder I used was the Inbox, but often it isn't.

J Neutron
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Unread folders

Maybe you can try Thunderbird the way I have it set up?

On the top of the folder bar, there is a bar that says "All Folders". If you look to the right, you'll see a couple of arrows. Click on the right arrow, and the folder view changes to "Unread Folders".

I have a bunch of rules to push messages into specific folders, and by setting up the folder view as "Unread Folders", it shows me whats new. If you don't have all the rules, the "Unread Folders" should be "Inbox", right?


neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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I installed Folderpane Tools

lately and it now works for me.
Here is, what I have done:
1) Installed the add-on, 2) openend folderpane tools configuration via menu>extras>add-ons>folderpane tools>configuration, 3) selected default account in the box at bottom of window, 4) checked 'change startup-folder' at the top of the window, 5) selected the start-up folder via list-box, 6) quitted TBP, 7) started TBP, 8) repeated procedure 1-7 as TBP selected the wrong folder, 9) was happy because it worked thereafter.
This might work. Regards,

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