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Extra Icons in PortableApps Menu.

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Extra Icons in PortableApps Menu.

After installing FeedReader 3.13, I see extra icons in my PortableApps menu, including Firebird SQL Server and Inno Setup. Since it didn't have a 'paf.exe' file, I launched the FeedReader installer and chose my PortableApps folder as the destination for the install.

I'm wondering if there's a way to hide the EXEs I don't want to see, if I need to install it differently, or if I need to install it in a different location and bring an icon to the Menu program. But I don't know how to add an icon.

This is my first time using this forum. I'm hoping it will deliver a copy of any replies to my emailbox. Thanks for your help.

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Well, you'll have to change......

...either the menu you're using (I recommend the PAM R34 MOD_Patched, I use it and its great ) and you can hide the apps's a long process:

1)check to see if the app u installed "says" that its portable?
2)go to the uninstall/add or remove app page in windows and see if there is an entry of the app u installed...

->if there is then copy the folder containing all the files of the program to another location and then uninstall the program. copy back the program into you X:\PortableApps\ directory and delete the uninstall files (the Inno Setup is an uninstall file).
I recommend doing this only if you're using the PAM on your home computer all the time as, if you concerned with the confidence in privacy a PA gives, this app would not come through for you. Just seeing that it made an entry in the add/remove list means that it is not portable and will leave behind traces on the host computer


->if the app is truly portable then you do not need the uninstall files and you can delete them. to remove the app simply delete the folder containing all files. A simpler/safer method is to place the uninstall files in a subfolder canned "Uninstall Files" or something, and undo the process when you aer ready to uninstall the app.

To save you the trouble, I would recommend getting the PAM R34 MOD_Patched.

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