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Hi Steve

I've been using Toucan for some time now and quite like it. However I recall a while back, I think October 2008, I did a large sync job in which I copied about 50 GB of data which consisted of everything from apps, to mp3s, to images, and study files. I recall some things didn't copy over correctly back then eg. for one of the music albums Toucan copied the folder over but none of the contents Sad

I write to see if the actual syncing process/algorithm has been improved in your last couple releases as I now have another large sync job I need to do, this time 100+ GB. If in your expert opinion you would not use Toucan for this yourself (In its current form) could you recommend another syncing/back up software, preferable (though not essentially) portable. I will still use Toucan for the everyday jobs, plus its other back up and encryption functions make it a great tool.

Thanks again

Steve Lamerton
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far as I know there are no issues with big sets of files (I do a 20GB+ sync to backup my stuff), but I would definitely verify it afterward.

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