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Is there a version out there without the splash screen?

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Is there a version out there without the splash screen?

To be blunt:

Whenever I run portablefirefox, of course, the splash screen pops up. I don't like this. I find it very annoying. It does not waste a huge amount of my time, I just find it, y'know, annoying. Is there a version out there without the splash screen?

Or if not, I know it can't be changed from the about:config, and I know from previous topics on this forum that the entire installer would have to be recompiled or something from source.

I don't know much about computers. I don't want to spend three days figuring out how to do that. Could someone else who knows how to do something like this do this? Or, in future forms of portable firefox, could it just come without a splash screen like regular firefox?

Please, any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. That splash screen really bugs me. :/

If you want to just flame me about it with something like "it's only two seconds dammit!", or "RTFM", I understand, I guess. I don't expect anyone to help me out. I'm just a stranger on the internet, I know. But I'm just asking for a favor to us less technically inclined. For sure, maybe one or two will take the time to figure things out, but the rest will just be bugged by the splash screen over and over again.

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Check that out it will give you the answer you need. It is located in the PortableFireFoxCode Directory. And the readme in there will explain how to use it to get rid of the splahscreen.

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Portable Software: Just the beginning.

SpunkyMonkey (not verified)
Alright, that was helpful.

But still a little unclear. I did figure out what you meant. Took me some minutes, but I did. Step-by-step for future splash screen removers.

1)Go to /other/PortableFirefoxSource in the portable firefox directory. 2)Open PortableFirefox.ini
3)Near the bottom of the file, there should be a line that says "DisableSplashScreen=false", change the false to true.
4)Save, close the file.
5)Copy and paste to the portable firefox directory itself, right next to the .exe

No more splashscreen! Hooray!

It'd be cool if this was put in the FAQ, or some other equally explanatory thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll ever want to remove the screen.

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Everyone should read the

Everyone should read the readme.

John should put a docs folder with documentation inside, just to make it obvious where the documentation is.


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Hardly anyone uses the ini file, so it's silly to clutter the base directory with the info. And, for most users, it's better they don't know about it.

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