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Launching Apps automatically when the PA Menu starts

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Launching Apps automatically when the PA Menu starts

I've done some searching, and I haven't found a lot of info on this, other than references to the XRX mod.

I'd like to be able to specify applications that will auto-start when I first start up the PA menu. Specifically, I have a desktop replacement app which I'd like to use every time I start up the menu. Also, it would be nice to open Firefox automatically, too, since I usually go straight for it.

Ive been meaning to ask for this for a while to be added to the official menu. Since the new one has not yet been released in beta, could this be added? Or is there a trick that can be used, like something added into the portableappsmenu.ini file?

I know I could use the XRX mod, but I'd like to stick with the official version as long as possible.

Thanks, and I hope this has been answered somewhere else before... I did search for it, but any time you search on the words "autostart", "autolaunch", etc, it returns the posts on WINDOWS autoplay issues, of which there are a huge number.

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Well there's also the PAM R34 MOD (that name's a mess, they need a better one) but as you say, you'd like to stay official. The Mod has all the features you're asking for so that's an easy solution that's available to you; AFAIK the official one can't do any of that that you're asking about.

When you put in your USB drive, it asks you what you want to do. If you click "Start" and then below, check "Do this always without asking" or whatever, it *should* do it. Haven't tried, as sometimes I just want to browse with Windows Explorer to get at a file directly (it's much faster).

All this being open source, there's no technological or legal reason PAM 2.0 can't incorporate all of the fully working features of the spinoffs (also folders, renaming apps, etc.) but it boils down to what the dev team wants to do, and of course, when.

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I don't think we'll be seeing PAM 2.0, or even PAM 1.2, any time in the foreseeable future.
I guess I should just go with the mods.

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Give a try to (, it's a superior fork/mod of the original PAM with many exciting features like categories, TrueCrypt support, the ability to rename entries, autostart a set of programs (with different sets on different computers), multiple wallpaper support and more.

(I'm not affiliated in any form with the developer of, I'm just think that is a quite cool piece of software.)

Oh well, note that the development just stopped last september. The upcoming official PAM some day - may or may not - shall contain some of or all it's features.

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Try automemscan

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