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Running from CD-R

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Running from CD-R


Can openoffice portable be run effectively from a CD-R.

I intend to download onto a flashdrive from a friend's faster (broadband) machine, then to install to a CD-R.

If CD-R media are not suitable, please can you suggest a CD media that would be more suitable.


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not very practical

Although it is possible to run Open office from a CD-R it is not very practical in the fact that you will have save all work on the host machine or some other type of removable media. If you are using a secondary media to save you work it would make sense to have open office running off that media.

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the response.

Presumably CD-RW would be a better option.

Best wishes.

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That isn't how CD-RW works.

There are exactly two formats for CDs in common use.

ISO, which all normal CDs use, along with 99% of rewritable ones. This format is writable to exactly once, no matter what type of CD-R/RW you use. The only difference for an RW is that you can erase the whole disk and start over.

The other format is called UDF, or packet writing. This does allow you to add files and treat it more like a normal drive, BUT, you will not be able to even read the disk unless there is a UDF driver/application isntalled. They come with some of the big name CD burning apps, but not all, and certainly not with all the cut-down bundled ones that ship "free" with the pc.

Could you tell us why you want to use CD and not a flash drive?

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I think I will install to

I think I will install to CD-R and save my files to my hard drive. I dont have the space to install on my pc.

Cd-R is so much cheaper than a flash drive. I use a flashdrive for transpotation


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Not Really

Not when you take into account updating your apps since you need a new CD. Plus CDs are only 700MB. A 1GB flash drive is under US$5 now.

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And 8GB thumbdrives are about

And 8GB thumbdrives are about $15-20 at the moment.

I also got a 16GB Kingston Class 4 SDHC Card for 30$.

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