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Pidgin: Filesystem inadequacies and logging

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Pidgin: Filesystem inadequacies and logging

I use Portable Gaim and I'd find the logging feature useful, except that every conversation takes up 4KB (my drive's minimum cluster size). After a few dozen conversations (a new one is started just by closing and re-opening the window) I quickly get up in the megabytes.

Is there something that could remedy this? Thanks.


Steve Lamerton
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Not very helpful but...

You could always get a bigger drive Wink


Steve Lamerton

John T. Haller
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Disable it

Check out: Tools - Preferences - Logging

That's really your only easy solution. The 4KB size is simply a symptom of the file systems we have. It would be nice it Gaim could append to an existing log. Maybe per screen name. But that feature doesn't currently exist.

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