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Portable application compatible with Exchange?

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Portable application compatible with Exchange?

Can anyone suggest a good open source e-mail client that I could install
as a portable application on my jump drive that would work with
Microsoft Exchange? I tried Thunderbird and it doesn't work well with
it. I can use Firefox with IE tabs to get to the web version of Outlook
but I would like to avoid that. Something that could import my
contacts, calendar, tasks would be great!

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Portable Thunderbird w/ IMAP

Be sure your Exchange server is configured for IMAP access and then use Portable Thunderbird with it. You'll see all your folders on the server just like you would if you used Outlook. You could expose your address books on Exchange via LDAP, too (I think). I don't think Exchange supports any start calendar protocols, though.

Keep in mind that Exchange is a proprietary product that is designed to only fully work with Outlook through the proprietary MAPI protocol. It's support for standards-based protocols simply isn't as good.

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