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Can Toucan (sync part) detect RENAMES and MOVES of files ?

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Can Toucan (sync part) detect RENAMES and MOVES of files ?

Can Toucan detect renames and moves of files

Almost all so-called "sync" programs don't !!
They stupidly compare source and destination directory and copy necessary files.

But what I would need (and other users) is a smart detection of file moves and renames.
Imagine the following situation:

Starting with two absolute equal directories (trees) I Angel rename a file
or (b) move a file into a sub-directory.

Normal sync programs simply duplicate the "new" files to the opposite partner dirs.
As a result I have on each site now 2 (!) files (=4 files in total).
Thats a mess. I want tracking operation (rename/move) on the opposite site instead.

Is this possible with Toucan?

Maybe in the next release?

That feature would make Toucan really almost unique among the sync tools!!


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I don't think the current

I don't think the current version does detect this. It would be a nice feature.

J Neutron
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MD5 check

There's been talk of implementing an MD5 check to detect identical files with different names. That would fix that part of your question.


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Steve Lamerton
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check is already in Toucan Smile I am hoping to improve the way sync works for 2.1. There may or may not be a release between the ccurrent relese and 2.1.

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