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PortableApps Suite VS.

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PortableApps Suite VS.

I am glad to see that the suggestion I made is coming about. I like Portableapps & the suite was just to basic in the past so never used it I found and was so happy that it had the options I was looking for like, wallpaper swap, Hide icons, create folder, rename the sweet & so on but the project died out awhile back so I suggested to incorporate the into portableapps suite and make it that much better & looks as though that is happening maybe it was already in the works but in any case glad to see it is all coming to light woo hoo if u have never tried check it out & then if u like some options that are there that aren't in portableapps then suggest it u won't be mad u tried it. In all cases looks as though I will be switching back to portableapps suite with all these changes. Ty again John for all the hard work it's much appreciated this has made me having programs I like on the go. Also every chance I get I always send e-mails to my favorite programs to see about working with u to make there programs portable like yahoo messenger, & a lot of poker sites like pokerstars, fulltilt, doylesroom, etc........ so hope they get on the portableapps bandwagon. I mean I have already placed them in my sweet & with the option to hide apps leaves the .exe files alone so I can run them from the suite gotta luv it but would like cleaner installs in portableapps versions so lets hope for good things in the future.

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Geek.Menu is based off an old

Geek.Menu is based off an old release of Platform and the code base is no longer supported, We are already added rename and categories are coming in 2.0 be patient it's coming but slowly Biggrin

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I miss my fonts!

I'll probably switch back to menu as soon as I can bring some of my most used fonts with me on my USB-stick and have them load into the host computer when the menu starts. Until then, I'll stick to a menu that is based off an old release.

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Portable fonts debuts in 2.0, the first test of which is a couple days away.

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As of today (18 days later)

As of today (18 days later) shouldn't 2.0 be available (at least for testing)? If yes, I'd be glad to test it (else I'm sticking with my modded version for categories).

Thanks Smile

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me too

I'd be glad to test it too.

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I'm planning on using

I'm planning on using portabla apps. And just wanted an update on the font situation. Can we now load fonts on to different computers from a usb? Because that would be very helpful.

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wraithdu's PortableFonts app

wraithdu's PortableFonts app will let you do that. I'm pretty sure the Platform can't do that yet, though.

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More of the same

It would be nice to see a sub menu be added or a create folder like in so I could have my apps in categories instead of just having every app in 1 window in I could put all my internet based programs in an internet folder for easy finding.

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See Zach's response on 3/7.

See Zach's response on 3/7. It is in 2.0.

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