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App to edit forum posts

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App to edit forum posts

I was wondering if there was a portable app similar to Fass ( ) that edits forum posts? If not, could I make a request for Fass to be done? It is a freeware app, but not open source.

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Nice, but not quite there

I've been pining for something like this for a long time, but not just this...

You know how a web browser adapts to be like Acrobat Reader for PDFs and sort of like Quicktime for Quicktime video? We need something like that for forums - and for Wikis, now that that's the new thing.

When you'd browse to a forum, the plugin or extension would take over, and the forum would pretty much come alive, in a sense. I mean, each post (message) would be its own window, and you'd be able to take it with you, and cut part of it out, and drop it into your own message as a quote. Not like working with text though, it would be more like dragging and dropping icons on the desktop, simpler.

I don't know... I got a lot of ideas, I could fill a few pages and just scratch the surface. That's a cool program, it's a start.

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