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Spaghetti sorter?

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Spaghetti sorter?

Hi All,

My migration path to TB has got me tied in such knots that I don't know how to untangle myself...

I was using McAffee spam filter at the time I setup TB. This meant that my mailboxes were setup (physical directories) as or something like that.

I only migrated my personal aacounts as a trial.

Several machines later and too many rebuilds that should be necessary for anyone to have to do, I finally discovered U3, despite the fact that I had several copies of PortableApps downloaded on my machine. At the time the (PA) mountain was just too high for me to climb...

With the U3 in hand I did not know how to copy my email across as I only had my pst file with me and no Outlook. (It was a new machine) TB does not import from itself so I simply copied my profile directory across to where I thought it should be on U3.

I then started a new mailbox for my work email with all my mail still in the pst file. (Of course suspecting this is going to be a problem.) I was almost forced into it as I could only get a 1GB U3 card which was the size of one of my mailboxes.

At least I could email again...

Now that I've migrated to portable apps and relatively happy with my setup, I want to start cleaning it up and consolidate everything.

1) How do I get to reflect the mailbox name in the directory name?

I tried simply renaming it but that did not work. I needed this as on U3 using the BlueFrog plugin it would fail to copy the emails to the sent folder, which I then wanted to go and delete as I suspected it to be corrupted.

2) How do I import historic email from a .pst file?

I have not attempted the import as I suspect it will overwrite my existing email or simply create a duplicate mailbox.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you