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Impress Portable - Doesn't work

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Impress Portable - Doesn't work

I downloaded OO portable app 3.0.1 to a flash drive, a drive that had an Impress file on it.

I took the drive to the library (which doesn't have OO) to work on it but it took forever to load. It took so long that I thought it wasn't working (it's a 65MB file). After alt-ctl-del a few times (software wasn't even "responding"), I finally got it on the screen but every task was delayed. If I tried clicking on "Insert," "Format," or "Tools" it would take 5 - 10 seconds. And forget about scrolling down through the slides - it would go, stop and freeze everything.

The library's computers are fast. They never freeze and never lock up. And the Word docs on the drive worked just fine. So what's going on?

Also, I have text on some of the slides and I used the "wipe" effect, where the text rolls out left to right. But instead, entire sentences just appeared. I should point out that one slide - that has bullet points - never did "wipe" right on my computer. For some reason it was very robotic. The first half of a word would show and then the second half, for every word in the entire sentence (yes, I checked the software a million times - 'word by word' was not selected - nothing I tried did any good). Also on this slide, I underlined text at the top (the heading) in white. But it's appearing as light blue (at the library).

Another slide has text "wiping" and "flying in" which both always worked on my computer. But it didn't work at the library -- they just appeard (but the timing works).

Why isn't the the "wipe" working?


Note: I created the file on 2.0 (I think) and contiued to work on it after I updated the sotfware to 2.4

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It's going to be slow because is running from your flash drive.

Update to 3.0, that'll probably fix a lot of problems with you.

If you want to boost it up in speed you can choose to make it run locally, this will make it go a lot faster but... make the start-up (time in which the application starts) open a lot slower.

If you're going to choose to make it run locally (probably a good idea) go to "[x]:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\Other\Source" and copy over OpenOfficePortable.ini to "[x]:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable"

Whereas [x]: is your flash drive's letter.

Now, open up OpenOfficePortable.ini from where you just copied it to.

Look at entry "RunLocally=false" and turn it to "true"

Soo.... it'll be like this.


Hope this helps and...

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Thanks but...

Thanks for the help, but a few questions.

You wrote: "If you want to boost it up in speed you can choose to make it run locally..."

Isn't that what this portable app the program locally?

I updated the software on my desktop to 3.0.

I found the PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\Other\Source file but it's a notepad file, with a small yellow wheel on it. What do you mean when you said "copy over OpenOfficePortable.ini to "[x]:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable"

Putting aside the time it takes for the slide show to open up (if it takes 5 minutes so be it), isn't the idea behind this app is for it to, well, work? Another words, if it will "run slow" (without your suggestions) and not only make it impossible to work on (because it freezes and locks), but also impossible to actually show because the presentation would "run" sluggishly and a step slow, then how does that help me?

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Huge File

I think your issue is that you're editing a pretty huge document. Your flash drive just can't handle it. If you were using a pocket hard drive it would be fine.

I think OO.o Portable is currently keeping temp files on the device for privacy reasons. Perhaps we'll adjust that in a later release or make it user selectable (less privacy for better performance).

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