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Version bump?

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Bruce Pascoe
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Version bump?

Why did you bump the version number? I was under the impression the "problem with the suite packages" was related to the downloads, not the app itself. If you're just re-uploading the same build (or at least one with no new code), why would you change the version number?

Or am I misunderstanding?

John T. Haller
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Extra File

The 1.5.1 Suites included the extra file that tells the old installers to try and refresh the menu, which will hang on a small number of PCs. That extra file is a part of the platform and in the platform's directory. As there is no way for an end user to tell whether or not they have this platform 1.5.1 with the extra file (which would have the same issue as 1.5 with the old installers) without manually looking in directories, I simply revved up the version number for all of it to keep it consistent.

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