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Xion Music Player

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Xion Music Player

Hey guys,

Don't know if this has been requested before the Xion Music Player. The Xion Music Player site is & also a portable zip is available for download

But do you guys think it would be made available as a in the site, I have installed it in the PortableApps Menu in the directory and it does appear in the Menu and also works perfectly.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Gord Caswell
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Welcome to

Welcome to!

In the future, when requesting an application be made portable, please try to follow the guidelines set out here:

In answer to your question: As far as I can tell from Xion's website, the application is freeware, not opensource, which means it cannot be officially portablized and hosted through

Hope that helps.

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BlackMonk19, I use Xion since 2006 and I can tell that is totally portable, what you're requesting is "paf format"... but Xion is not Open Source so it's illegal to "paf it"; but it's ok, because Xion runs perfectly on menu.

What I think you can request is a launcher but, again, it is totally unnecessary since the program works very good with PApps platform.


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