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How to change folder locations?

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How to change folder locations?


I'd like to change the Music, Images, etc. folder locations and have PortableApps menu reflect these changes. How should I proceed?

I didn't find any clue in the fora, so thanks in advance for any help,


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First, welcome to the

First, welcome to the portableapps forums!!
Changing the folder locations is not possible yet, but it is planned for a future release.

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and welcome here Jean-Luc!!!

Unfortunately you cant change the folder locations of the Menu. They are hardcoded into the Platform.

I dont know if there are any plans to make them adjustable in the future.

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Or you could …

… change the whole menu: is based on an older version of menu, it is not supported, and it may contain bugs. But you can change folder locations …

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How to change folder locations?

Thanks to all, especially for your warm welcome!
I'll wait the next release, hoping it will allow folder locations modification...


Jean-Luc, France

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I really want this too. I don't think having "Music", "Pictures" and "Videos" under "Documents" makes any sense because they aren't documents. It was a silly standard introduced by Windows, and they've even removed it in Windows Vista.

Also, I like to keep all my documents synchronised between my USB drive and my computer, but not my music, pictures or videos (because they wouldn't fit) and this would be made much easier by having an isolated documents folder. I'm sure I can't be the only one.

So I would really appreciate having a setting in\Data\PortableAppsMenu.ini like:


That'd be awesome.

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Other reasons

There are other reasons to want this as well, for instance if you were to install this onto a storage device such as an SD card that you also use for pictures (like I have, actually it's my phone's microSD), where the camera puts pictures into its own folder, and it would be nice to point to that folder from the platform. It could be utilized as an environment variable or some other way like that so that all of the apps would use the same folders (if for some reason an app wanted to access one of those folders, although I can't think of one off the top of my head, so that might just be nonsense...)

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I think that music, pictures,

I think that music, pictures, and videos make sense organizationally. I personally would rather have them grouped under Documents, because at least on my flash drive, my root is cluttered enough without another 3 folders.

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I agree with

I agree with OliverK.

Technically Pictures, Videos, and Music are all Documents Biggrin

And if you had drives with folders packed up... yeah...

Anyway... if you really want the menu to change the path, change the source code and recompile, which should only be attempted for very advanced users... (I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M TELLING YOU THIS!!!) Yeah... so don't try it unless you 100% know what you're doing and know how to change the Platform's code.

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Can I also rename the folder and the portableapps menu name?

According to my habit, I never ever use "My Music" or "My Video" folder to save my files. But I would be appreciate if someone can help me to rename it (not only just for the folder, but also the menu in portable apps) into "My Downloads" and "My e-Books".

Can I do that?

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Isn't necessary to change names or move folder

I sinchronize between Vista -- USB -- XP, and does not have problems at all.

First: C:/Users/Public --> [%root%]:/Documents

This way, you create a folder structure Vista-style, but retains the PA structure too, without complications. Add to your sinchronizing software to not sinchronize the music, photos and videos folders and you are done.

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Isn't necessary, doesn't mean I don't want to.

The whole point of this discussion is to give us options. I think PAM should allow us to manage our own folder items. So instead of seeing "Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos" we should be able to choose which folders get displayed. The option should also be available to set the icon as desired. This kind of coding is very easy with an .ini file. I personally don't have music and videos on my USB thumb drive, so why should I have to look at the folder icon all the time? Why shouldn't I be able to change that to "C++ Projects" or "PDF's" or "JScripts" or anything I want?!?!?!

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Hello All, Sorry if this has

Hello All,

Sorry if this has been answered more recently in a different topic.

Did this feature get added to PA?

I have looked at all the available options and dont see the possibility to change the folder locations/names?

Many Thanks

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Not yet

It's already in our TODO list.

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Okies many thanks.

Okies many thanks.

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Change folder location by using links

I did delete the music folder and made a link to another folder and named it Music. Now the appmenu follows the link to my new Music location.

I't some crude work around till the new update will support changing the folder location in another way.

BTW. PA is a nice enviroment and get even better with each update. I'm loving it!

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Put a shortcut in document

Put a shortcut in document directory.


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Update PortableApps on Folders

Greetings from Mexico to All:

I have the following PortableApps directory structure, to be organized:

    +\Portable Apps Directory™
        +\Graphics & Pictures


How I can update all the APPS, on the subfolders?

Thank you for your help and assistance.
John T. Haller
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Move Them, Platform Organization

There is no ability for the platform to automatically find apps in sub-directories nor for the updater to find them there. But...

There's really no need to place your apps in their own subfolders or regularly access those files directly. Keep them all in the PortableApps folder of the platform and everything gets updated automatically. And you can worry about organizing them in folders inside the platform. And, if you do need to explore into the app's files, just right-click and select Explore.

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Possible Solution


I might have a possible solution that could work.

Currently, it appears that the PortableApps Menu creates a Documents folder and then puts Music, Images, etc underneath that.

How about changing Documents to UserData and then putting Documents, Music, Pictures, etc underneath the UserData folder?

Keeps things neat and tidy, doesn't put too many folder in the root directory and manages to make logical sense as well!

Thanks for all the great work on PAM Guys and girls!


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I personally hope they pick a

I personally hope they pick a structure like that. I'd actually prefer a shorter name than UserData if possible, though, to try to minimize path names. Something like Home, User, Data or even Files would suit me fine. After all, Music, Pictures & Videos are not truly Documents - they're all just files.

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Borrow from Linux?

I personally like the structure used by most linux distros and it could easily be adapted to the menu by taking out the user directory (example below):

+ /
  + Home
    + {Username}
      + Desktop
      + Documents
      + Downloads
      + Music
      + Pictures
      + Videos

+ /
  + Home
    + Documents
    + Downloads
    + Music
    + Pictures
    + Videos
  + PortableApps
    + CommonFiles
    + FirefoxPortable
    + (etc.)
  x Start.exe
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Here's my workaround

First of all, I agree with cyb1n's suggestion concept. I think that linux did it right.

Second, this is my workaround (this is how my d: partition looks like):

+ (D:) Home
  + Documents (original portable apps folder)
    - documents folders I actually use
    - shortcut to Music folder
    - shortcut to Pictures folder
    - shortcut to Videos folder
  + Music (I created this)
  + Pictures (also by me)
  + Videos (also by me)
  + Other folders 

So, if you put your Music, Pictures and Video folders anywhere you like, you'll be able to open them from portable apps launcher as long as you create shortcuts to those folders INSIDE original Documents folder. This is possible because launcher opens the file/folder on a certain path, and it doesn't care if it was file or folder.

Just my two cents, hope this can help anyone.

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Change folder locations


I see this is a VERY old thread, can anyone point me in the direction of the documentation for setting this or has it not been done yet?

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Fully Customizable Folders

Hi all,
New to the forum, but long time user.

I have been installing and setting up the "portable app platform" and "" for friends and family for many years (around 2008 for portable app and at version 0.9 or 1.0. Just recently installed portable apps platform 19.1 for a family member). But I'm still yet to install it on my own portable drives as this feature still hasn't been added (kind of in the but not fully (read below)).

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on how the folder tree should be structured and I fully agree with all of them!

I use different portable drives for different parts of my life, not one for all.
I have a portable HHD for my photo collection as I have a very large amount of photos (ex professional photographer).
I have a portable HHD for my Music as I have a very large amount of music (love my sounds)
I have a portable HDD with my Movies, TV shows and Documentaries (all backup up from DVD)
I have a portable HDD for my Work, Personal, New Photos, Travel Music, Travel Movies, Travel TV shows and Travel Documentaries (my work involves travel so one drive is all I travel with).

So as you can see a one set tree structure doesn't fit all. If I use the menu on any or all on my drives the folder tree structure would not suit on any (almost, but not).

Can the menu be updated with a "custom folder" tab in the options so that;
1. We can name the folders on the menu.
2. We can set the path.
3. We can choose the Menu Icons and Windows Icons.
4. We can select how many folders there are.

There is room for one more tab in the options;

My Thoughts on how you could implement the new option tab;

On the new option tab there is a tick box for "Default" or "Custom Folders";
There is a field with all the folders on the menu (example on the left side of that option tab)
Once custom is ticked;
Then there is the fields (example all on the right side of that options tab):
Folder name (edit box),
Folder path (locator button/box),
Menu Folder icon path (locator button/box).
Windows Folder Icon path (locator button/box) (left blank will use windows default folders).
An add button (when pressed it adds the folder and attributes and this can be seen in the field where the other folders are already on the menu) 

The field where all the folders on the menu has the ability to remove folders by selecting a folder and pressing the remove button.

Leave it on default for those who like it the way it is now or don't need to change it.

This will then fit everyone's needs.

Sorry if I used the wrong terms. I'm sure you can read past those mistakes if not please ask and I will try to explain better.

BTW, the work you do here is great, I have been enjoying your portable apps since around 2007 (before I installed the menu on friends and family's portable drives).
Thank you

It would also be cool if there could be a customizable name on the top of the menu, for those that want their own title or for those that have multiple drives and menus to easily see which drive they have in. cheers.

Diverse Industries
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mock up options

I mocked up in Photoshop my idea for the option tab.
It is rough and probably missing heaps, but it does give the rough idea I had.

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