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I am new to this forum and was wondering if a portable app for Skype will be forthcoming? I note that there is one on the U3 site.

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Hi and welcome to

Hi and welcome to
Please read this" === basically, you can't, due to legal issues.

I'm pretty sure there are instructions on how to make it portable, since doing it and distributing it is illegal, but I'm not sure on that

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wouldn't bother

I wouldn't bother with a launcher/portable here, it won't happen; mostly cause skype.
Frankly I don't use launchers anyways just the rest of the code and directories anyways, they've been known to crap out on me. I CAN tell you, you can simply copy the exe file onto a directory... OR do what I do and make a svf file that launches it from a self-extract file

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Ready to use package

You can find a ready to use package of Skype Portable 4.0 for PortableApps on my website. It is a modified version that gives You a launcher entry with icon in the PortableApps Menu.

[Link removed by mod JTH - Self promotion and linking to illegally packaged software is not permitted. Please stop doing it.]

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Hi, just search this forum, there are some old posts about how to make your own Portable Skype (it's quite easy).


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skype portable

Officially there's only a U3 versione of portable skype

If you search on you can find a non official version

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Portable Skype

Portable Skype

Download and Enjoy

[link to illegal software removed by moderator JTH. Please do not post similar links again]

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Portable Skype Launcher 1.3

Download and enjoy
[link removed by moderator JTH. Unless you have permission to use Skype's trademark from Skype themselves, this is not permitted]

To moderator - this is a legal sw

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Skype permission

I do have permission from Skype to make a portable launcher and to distribute it under Skype Portable Launcher name Smile

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Good if you have permission; just before you repost the link though, can you show some sort of proof? This is just to make sure we don't fall foul of anyone.

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