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VLC: multi media player for Win98se

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VLC: multi media player for Win98se

I want a multi media player for Win98se (e.g. can play mpg, avi, rmvb, flv, etc).
I have try MPlayer_Portable_1.0_RC2 and VLC_Portable_0.8.6i find from here, the requirements said they can run in Win98, but both not work in my system.

MPlayer_Portable_1.0_RC2 return:
MPUI will not run properly on Win9x systems. Continue anyway ?
If continue, it cannot work properly.

VLC_Portable_0.8.6i return:
wxWidgets Fatal Error
This program uses Unicode but is not using unicows.dll
correctly and so cannot work under current operating system.
Please contact the program author for an updated version.
Program aborted.
It can't run at all.

What's the problem ?
Any method to solve it ?
Thanks for help in advance.

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For Mplayer Portable: By it

For Mplayer Portable:
By it cannot work properly do you mean the app doesn't play media the way its intended to or do you mean it doesn't work at all? Are you trying to open a file before that message shows up? Maybe the file is broken. Try opening different media files on your computer or try to open that file on other computers (with the same MPlayer Portable).

VLC media player portable:
I don't know for sure but I think this might help:

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I was using Media Player Classic

I was using Media Player Classic on my last computer that had win98se.

There is a portable version here:

If you need extra codecs then look at this thread:

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