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Multi Monitor Display problem

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Multi Monitor Display problem


in reply to this topic (replying isn't possible any more, i think because the post is too old) ... :

I have two monitors, and my taskbar is on the secondary monitor. clicking on portable apps taskbar icon, portable apps shows up on the primary monitor.

Delphi fully supports dual monitor setups so it should be no problem to fix this!


{get index of monitor with taskbar on it}
function GetMonitorWithTaskBarIndex: Integer;
I: Integer;
WorkArea: TRect;
AllMonitor: TRect;
Result := 0;
for I := 0 to Screen.MonitorCount - 1 do
WorkArea := Screen.Monitors[I].WorkareaRect;
AllMonitor := Screen.Monitors[I].BoundsRect;
if ((WorkArea.Right - WorkArea.Left)

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*push*same problem here!I


same problem here!

I have 2 Monitors,
the primary 24" - right handed - gaming (fullscreen)
the secondary 22" - left handed - taskbar etc.

when i start Portable Apps, the PAM will open on the primary screen, because the Shortcut is on the taskbar (left screen) so i have to move the cursor to the other screen Sad its a poor user experience

an option, where the pam appears, if MM is detected could be very helpful!

// sry for my bad english, im kraut ^^

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Move the taskbar!

You can have a central taskbar (win10 & earlier) if you move your taskbar to the left side of the right screen or the right screen of the left monitor.
It will be a vertical column.

I wish downloads were faster

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Multi-Monitor Support Launched

Multi-monitor support has been released in Platform 29.3

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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