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Translate: Installer 0.90+

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Translate: Installer 0.90+

We are still in need of translations for the Installer in: Bosnian, Breton, Icelandic, Irish, Kurdish, Luxembourgish, Mongolian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Serbian (Cyrillic), Uzbek, Welsh.


The strings are:

LangString welcome ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This wizard will guide you through the installation of ${NAME}.\r\n\r\nIf you are upgrading an existing installation of ${NAME}, please close it before proceeding.\r\n\r\nClick Next to continue."
LangString finish ${LANG_ENGLISH} "${NAME} has been installed on your device.\r\n\r\nClick Finish to close this wizard."
LangString runwarning ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Please close all instances of ${CLOSENAME} and then click OK.  The portable app can not be upgraded while it is running."
LangString invaliddirectory ${LANG_ENGLISH} "The destination folder you selected is invalid.  Please choose a valid folder."
LangString notenoughspace ${LANG_ENGLISH} "The device you have selected to install to does not have enough free space for this app."
LangString checkforplatform ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Checking for Platform"
LangString refreshmenu ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Refreshing Menu"

As usual, please leave the $VARIABLE names intact as they are replaced by the installer dynamically ($CLOSENAME, for example, becomes the name of the application you need to close before continuing).

Context Note: "Checking for Platform" can be interpreted as "Looking for..." or "Searching for...". The installer is checking to see whether it is installed on your portable device.

Licensing Note: Translations provided will be under a 'Joint Copyright Assignment'. This means that you'll still retain full copyright rights on the translations but that you'll also grant those same rights to This is so we can work with commercial and freeware publishers so they can package their apps in Format as well.

Additional Strings / PRE tags / LANG_FORMAT: Don't worry about additional strings (Next, Cancel, etc) as they're handled by NSIS itself (I'll remove them so they don't clutter things up). Anyone that doesn't enclose the strings in pre tags, we'll handle it. If you don't know the NSIS LANG_ tag for your language, just leave it as English, we'll take care of it.

Discuss in English Please: Please keep discussion of the translation in English so that non-native speakers can follow along. Non-English discussion will be removed to keep things streamlined.


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AF - Afrikaans

For when NSIS start supporting Afrikaans Wink

LangString welcome ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Hierdie gids sal jou help met die installasie van ${NAME}.\r\n\r\nIndien jy besig is om ${NAME} op te gradeer, maak seker dat dit nie in gebruik is nie voor jy voortgaan.\r\n\r\nSelekteer Volgende om voort te gaan."
LangString finish ${LANG_ENGLISH} "${NAME} is op jou toestel geinstalleer.\r\n\r\nSelekteer Maak Klaar om die gids te voltooi."
LangString runwarning ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Stop asseblief alle weergawes van ${CLOSENAME} en kies dan Reg so.  Die portable app kan nie opgegradeer word terwyl dit nog in gebruik is nie."
LangString invaliddirectory ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Die bestemming wat jy gekies het is nie geldig nie.  Kies asseblief 'n geldige bestemming."
LangString notenoughspace ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Die toestel waarop jy wil installeer het nie genoeg spasie vir hierdie program beskikbaar nie."
LangString checkforplatform ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Op soek na die Platform"
LangString refreshmenu ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Hernu die Menu"
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Afrikaans localisation

PollieXmas, nice work Smile

Why not join us on translate-discuss-af or #zaf if you want to discuss Afrikaans localisation. I know we need NSIS localised for some other localised Afrikaans software.

Also have a look at Virtaal, which has been developing for PO and XLIFF localisation. Feel like turning it into a PortableApp? I've been looking a bit but would love some help.

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