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Portableapps is locking

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Portableapps is locking

Dear friends do not know if this problem happens only to me but to open some applications (Cooler Player, Pnotes) my application freezes, then only finalizing the process and starting again, anyone knows any solution?

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Here to: locking / hanging

Does happen to me too.
Happens with my current USB pen-drive, happened with my previous USB hard drive, happens with beta 3 or with current release.
Happened with pen-drive or hard drive in FAT32 or NTFS.

I got the impression that the Platform, after opening an app, stays waiting for something, some response that never arrives, which causes it to hang / freeze / lock.
It´s necessary to kill the PortableAppsPlatform.exe process.

Right now, while I´m writing this using Portable Firefox, the Platform is freezed.
Doesn´t open the menu, but while point the mouse over the tray icon, it displays the text tip.


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Try plugging it into a usb2

Try plugging it into a usb2 port directly (no cable). If it works better get a new cable.

Does it eventually unfreeze? If so then...
The following applies if the stick/drive is a newish and you should get 25-28 MB/s..
Run HDTach if it is 12 Mb/s plugged into the PC (no hub) get an new fast USB 2 controller or a new PC because the controller is dividing the usb chip between ports.
If it is 12 Mb/s plugged into a Hub get an new faster USB 2 hub (same reason).

I had both these above problems yesterday so it may help.

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Portableapps is locking

It may depend on the app you are using. I have not had this problem with PortableApps but with a different but similar situation.

Running Win2000 I often use TextPad as my txt editor. Using TextPad to edit a txt/ascii file that is on a flash drive I cannot eject the drive until I shut down TextPad even though I have closed all open edited files. Not quite sure why this is so but TextPad maintains a mru (most recently used) registry entry and that may be the cause.

With PortableApps I use Notepad++

All the best, IPatt

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Are you sure?

@ fmoritz:
Are you sure that it is the Platform that is locking?
I'm experiencing sometimes locking events, but it is always caused by Portable Firefox. Killing that process unblocks everything.

What you're describing is quite common.
Programs keep threads (or handles if you like) to files all the time. Take for example Process Explorer and you'll see it. These threads are not closed immediately but it takes some time.
If you experience locking again wait a minute or two and then try to eject the drive again. I'm quite sure it'll work then.

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