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Miranda IM Portable is not needed anymore

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Miranda IM Portable is not needed anymore

Any Miranda IM released the Preview Release #2 today, I found a mirandaboot.ini file in the zip archive. In the [Database] section, the "ProfileDir" variable is designed to indicate the profile directory. By default, the value is "%APPDATA%\Miranda". Changing it to "profiles" and move the profiles directory under the Data directory from the Miranda IM Portable, we now have the same portability without any launcher, and which means Miranda IM Portable is not needed anymore.

Actually this feature is introduced since the Preview Release #1 yesterday. I did some monitoring and seems there is also no read/write in registry.

Good to see this change!

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Well, actually

Miranda has been perfectly capable of running portably for a long time now, since at least the start of the 0.7 series, maybe longer.

However, packaging it up in PAF format does a lot more than that.

  • It compresses all the parts that can be compressed, saving space on the drive.
  • It cleanly, and without user intervention, segregates the data from the app, simply allowing it to integrate with the Platform's backup system.
  • It adds it cleanly to the PA Menu
  • It also installs both ansi and unicode versions, and calls the appropriate one.

So... is it needed? No, not really.
Is it useful? Heck yes!

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love the new Installers,

love the new Installers, is really starting to rock

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