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Portable app request: Print Directory

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Portable app request: Print Directory

I have been unable to find an USB application on the internet or this web site where I would be able to print directories, path, size and date either created or modified.

Does such an application exist? or one in the works?


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Me too!

I use Karen Directory Printer and would seriously like to find a portable option. I use it all the time.

tan pouch
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Two I have found.
Mavis Beacon
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The software looks very good

The first link is for "Directory List & Print", which seems very good, although the full functionality is available only in a shareware version ($20). I just wondered if you have used the software? The manufacturer has a portable version available, but I would like to know if it is truly portable, or if it leaves traces like registry entries.

Joe at
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Karen's Portable Power Tools

... that sounds good. We're fixing the software to work with Windows 10 now, but I think making them portable would be worth while.

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Just a remark

I've been around with computers for some 25 years now, and this used to be simple stuff for my generation (I know, I'm an old bore...).

Provided you're not afraid of the command prompt, there's an easy way to get what you want:

- open a command prompt
- go to the directory you want to list
- type "dir /on >dir.txt" (without the quotation marks)

In the directory you'll now find a file DIR.TXT containing the listing you wanted. There are many additional command prompt options available to finetune your list. To see them, type "dir /?" in the same command prompt window.

This can easily be turned into a simple batch file - and may solve your problem without actually using any specially designed software.

To open a command prompt you could use "Command Prompt Portable"...


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PIR for Directory Printing

Try PIR. It is very old, not supported, not really pretty, but it still works great. Reads in a directory with several options and outputs it to a *.txt file.

I unzipped it into a folder in the Portable apps directory and it has worked for years.


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RE: Portable app request: Print Directory

Directory Report can fulfill your requirements

Plus it can save many file properties and save to many file formats

Mavis Beacon
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Is it portable though?

The website makes no mention of it being portable. Indeed, it mentions installing the software. Also, it is shareware and costs $25. Other than that it looks good.

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I have just realised this

I have just realised this thread is six years old, and presumably the OP has found something suitable in the intervening period. For anyone else who may be looking for a directory printing application, the following may fit the bill:

It's a basic tool but produces attractive HTML output in a hierarchical fashion. It's free and portable, although it does require .NET Framework 2.0.

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