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NSIS 2.17 Released

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NSIS 2.17 Released

NSIS version 2.17 was released yesterday. This is a maintenance release featuring some minor changes:

  • Fixed build failures and segfaults on PowerPC Mac OS X (bug #1474597, bug #1481044)
    Fixed Library's TLB version interpretation (bug #1471341)
  • Fixed possible stack corruption when using TypeLib.dll on an invalid TLB
  • Fixed RMDir deletion failure of read-only folders (bug #1481664)
  • MakeNSISW: Fixed toolbar compressor selection menu, broken in the previous version (bug #1466486)
  • Minor documentation improvements and fixes (including bug #1469306, bug #1491616)
  • Added missing Basque and Welsh files (bug #1469471)
  • Brazilian Portuguese updates
  • Bulgarian fixes
  • Fixed a typo in Hebrew translation (bug #1474587)
  • Icelandic fixes and improvements

More details about the new release are available here. For more information on NSIS, visit the official website. Download here.