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can't log on to yahoo messenger while using pidgin portable

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can't log on to yahoo messenger while using pidgin portable

i've been having problems trying to use yahoo messenger on pidgin, all the other services work, but yahoo messenger, it won't connect and it's giving me username and password incorrect messeges, if there's a fix please help

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Not just PidginPortable

I have Pidgin install on my machine and I can't connect to Yahoo.

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Same here...

I am able to log in via meebo though. Was assuming it was something with my corporate firewall or my local account config. At least I know it's not just me!!

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Same problem

No new info, just that I can login on other clients, just not this one.

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Found some info
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thanks for the link

thanks for the link

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More from Pidgin News: Yahoo! changed its security protocol

Got this bit of info just this morning from the Pidgin Developers' News Aggregator at

Apparently Yahoo! changed some security protocol earlier than the Pidgin folks had anticipated. They had code prepared but were planning on implementing on version 2.6.0, as per Yahoo!'s public timeline or somesuch.

Anyways, Pidgin 2.5.7 fixes the problem. I'm sure the good folks developing Pidgin Portable already knows this, but you know, just in case Wink

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Tomorrow Morning

It's packaged and will be posted tomorrow morning (NY time).

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Pidgin 2.5.7 does fix the problem

I have updated mine in Windows2000 on one box, and yes indeed it does seem to fix the problem.

Look forward to trying the portable version.


Yahoo contacts list opens as before the change in their system. No contacts of mine actually on-line right now, so can't check messaging, but it looks good.

Thank you Smile

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I just installed the 2.5.7

Please Delete. I resolved my issue.

Thanks in Advance,

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