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Organize folders, password protection, change order in menu.......

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Organize folders, password protection, change order in menu....... something we all want. Don´t we?

Yes, I have seen these questions before.
Come on project leaders, managers, developers... make us happy.

Does anyone know a date when we can expect this?
Please tell me its this year.

Cheers // PortableFreak

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Welcome to PortableApps

Since you're new here, you probably aren't aware that "when will X be done" posts are generally frowned upon.

The sort answer is that there is no definite release date. It isn't practical for there to be one. Big companies manage it (well or badly) since they can fairly accurately predict in advance how much resource they will be able to allocate to a project. The devs here basically work on these projects in there spare time, given freely. This means that, since they have lives, too, sometimes that spare time is in unpredictable supply, so release schedules can be very inaccurate.

Consider, though, that by asking this question, which only the devs could really answer with any precision, you are forcing a situation in which the developer can either

  • Answer your question with a best guess, worked out from how much there is left to do, and what free time he/she predicts they will have
  • Answer your question with a stock reply to say that dates are unpredicatble, and explain why
  • Ignore you completely and get on with actually writing the code.

The reason that such posts are frowned on in most software development communities is that the one guarantee is that they actually delay the project by taking developer time away from the actual developing to answer them. It may only be a few minutes, but this place gets anything up to half a dozen "when" posts a day, which would add up to literally hours a week of time to answer them all.

JTH, the main dev, is incredibly busy with negotiating and organising the legal and commercial aspects of partnering with hardware manufacturers, and with opening up the platform to freeware and commercial software in a way that doesn't land him personally with a bandwidth bill in the tens of thousands of dollars per month. Most of the features you are asking about (which many, many of us are eagerly awaiting) are part coded or more, but, since they're not finished, and since some parts of the code are having to be tweaked to fit in with the hardware people's demands (negotiations *sigh*), then he sadly doesn't have the time to also get the versions out to us.... yet.

When you add in that he is also going through all the other applications, making them Windows7 compatible, which people are equally awaiting, you can see that he isn't sitting on this just because he wants to.

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oh Jimbo

your answers are always so clear and precise and nice to read. The guys here are lucky to have someone as you on board. Honestly.

(have you time to take over the Listless and his conspiracy?)

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Uhhhh thanks :)

I don't have the time to commit to developing portable apps, so I try to help out where I can by easing the support burden on the devs Wink

(and I don't think I can help with the dread conspiracy, since you and others seem, to me, to have already expressed the answer very clearly, and, indeed, it has been accepted, with the rider of "well, you're smart people, you fix it for me".

Either that, or I am involved, and I know of the secret plot to make him install Flash on his computer repeatedly MUAH-HA-HA)

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First of all, I didnt mean to stress anyone even though it looks like that.

I really love this port app concept, and I only want (among many others) to
show my appreciation for new features in the port app launcher.

If they could release those 3 changes it would be just great.
Its the only thing missing......for now Smile


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Feel free to use, the latest version avaliable is almost a year old, but somehow, contains all the features you just mentioned.

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