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using pidgin portable 2.5.8 and still cannot login to yahoo

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using pidgin portable 2.5.8 and still cannot login to yahoo

Can someone help me? I have installed version 2.5.8, and I still cannot connect to yahoo.

I get this when trying to login: Unknown error number 1013. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.

I log in to yahoo, and still nothing. Rebooted, relogged in, still nothing.


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Please test another install

Please test another install in a different directory (e.g. on the root of your flash drive), add the yahoo account and test if it works.

If it does work on the new portable install works few things may be wrong in the old install :
1. check in pidgin / Accounts / Manage Accounts / select_your account / Edit / Advanced Tab that the "page server" is

2. Do you have as your username: user@yahoo.domain. or just username? Try both.

3. Maybe the update did not replace the libyahoo.dll (..\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins) - try overwriting them with the ones from the "new install" that is working.

4. If you have those plugins copied in your profile folder (...\PidginPortable\Data\settings\.purple\plugins) maybe there is an older libyahoo.dll there

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The 1013 error is almost

The 1013 error is almost always because you have in your login. Get rid of it in Account Management and it should work.

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I just had the same problem today.

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