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Copying local TB setting to TB Portable

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Copying local TB setting to TB Portable

Here's my problem. I thought it'd be pretty easy to copy over the profile data - after all, the official Help page has this to say about the matter:


Copying Your Local Thunderbird Settings

If you're using a local copy of Thunderbird, you may wish to just copy your local Thunderbird settings right into Thunderbird Portable. Your local Thunderbird profile is usually installed in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\default.???\ Just copy all of those files to the Data\profile directory within Thunderbird Portable. Sometimes, certain profiles will cause the launcher to fail or hang. In that case, start from scratch and try just copying your mailstores (Mail and ImapMail directories) as well as your prefs.js and abook.mab files.


However, there's one small problem - this information isn't exactly accurate.

See, I've looked in the aforementioned folder, and there's no folder marked "Profile". There's one marked "Settings", but no "Profile".

In fact, the only place I've found a "Profile" directory is in App/DefaultData, and nowhere else.

So . . . do I copy the data into ThunderbirdPortable/App/DefaultData/Profile, or do I create a new "Profile" directory in ThunderbirdPortable/Data and drop it all in there?

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You have to run Thunderbird Portable for the first time, the profile folder will be created automatically, then close Thunderbird and then copy the profile...

It's the same if you do it backwards... and with every Mozilla product, the profile is created only when you run the program first.


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