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XAMPP Control Help/Support on my USB PortableApps

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XAMPP Control Help/Support on my USB PortableApps

I have installed the XAMPP and the launcher I think they work but I am sure they aren't.

I installed on day one and tried to use when I could not figure it out I decided to install onto the actual computer so I could see what would be different. It was a lot of difference.

I reinstalled onto the USB now knowing what to expect and I thought I got it working on that same computer but apparently I was wrong it must have been the one that was already installed. I say this because I have put my USB into my Laptop and clicked the launcher and I thought the XAMPP started but I get none of the website indications ( or localhost) and the green sign that says something like running or started is not there on the Control Panel.

All of these are Vista I am tempted to start Virtual box or something so I can try XP. Please help.