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FreeOTFE v5.00 Stable Release

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FreeOTFE v5.00 Stable Release

Application: FreeOTFE
Category: Utility: Encryption
Description: FreeOTFE is a free, open source, "on-the-fly" transparent disk encryption program for PCs and PDAs

Using this software, you can create one or more "virtual disks" on your PC/PDA. These disks operate exactly like a normal disk, with the exception that anything written to one of them is transparently, and securely, encrypted before being stored on your computer's hard drive.

Download FreeOTFE v5.00 ( version) [1.5MB download / 5.2MB installed]
(MD5: 9a71fe52c2606b2abdcb63e865f566c2)

Also - FreeOTFE Explorer for use without drivers

(I'm posting this because I haven't seen a posting here by the Sarah Dean who wrote it)

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Thanks for the posting. That

Thanks for the posting. That is now my default On-The-Fly encryption software from now on. Bye bye TrueCrypt Smile

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Thank you

Thank you for this great news.

I already used FreeOTFE for some time but a portableapps package is great.

The feature that made me choose OTFE instead of TrueCrypt is the possibility to assign a label to mounted disk. This feature may be available in TrueCrypt but I never found it Sad

And of course FreeOTFE Explorer to keep everything available even without admin rights.

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