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FreeOTFE Explorer v3.00 Stable Release

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FreeOTFE Explorer v3.00 Stable Release

Application: FreeOTFE Explorer
Category: Utility: Encryption
Description: FreeOTFE Explorer is a driverless version of FreeOTFE.

This software allows FreeOTFE (and Linux) encrypted volumes to be mounted on MS Windows PCs, and their contents accessed (both reading and writing) via a Windows Explorer-style user interface.

Unlike all other disk encryption systems, FreeOTFE Explorer does not need any device drivers to be installed on the computer it is run on, making it perfect for use with USB drives (and other removable media), where volumes need to be accessed on PCs where FreeOTFE hasn't been installed, and administrator rights are not available to the user in order to start FreeOTFE in "portable mode". For example, in Internet Cafés (AKA Cybercafés), where PCs are available for use, but only as a "standard" user.

Download FreeOTFE Explorer v3.00 ( version) [1.4MB download / 5.4MB installed]
(MD5: 1921220bce27db01bd35e9c33935c254)

Also - FreeOTFE which uses drivers

(I'm posting this because I haven't seen a posting here by the Sarah Dean who wrote it)