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Extension problem in Firefox 3.5 Portable

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Extension problem in Firefox 3.5 Portable

Hello friends!

I had been using Portable version of Firefox 3.0.10 on a Win XP SP3 platform for some time and never faced any problem. Yesterday when I installed the Portable Firefox 3.5, none of my extensions are working. I even tried to install the latest versions of those extensions which support V.3.5 but after installation it asks me to restart Firefox and after restarting there is no sign of the extension installed.

Why is this happening and how can I resolve this problem.

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so far not have seen this

but there would be first question what is in your extension folder?


are the extensions there?

The FF3.5 , how did you install it? Just install over the existing one or did you incidentally run the updater?

Other time when all extensions stopped to work it was when I copied the whole FFP to other place. Immediately all extensions were gone and had to be installed one by one again.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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First, do what Otto said. Check your extensions folder as described in his post. If nothing's there, your profile is messed up, I think, but I wouldn't know why. I think the profile is there, though.

Then do this:

1. Quit Firefox entirely, all windows.

2. Copy the Data folder somewhere, like your Desktop or another folder on the drive, don't matter, but get it out of the PA area.

3. Start Portable Firefox again. It should act as though it's freshly installed. Install one of your extensions to ensure it's working. If it doesn't work, reinstall it. If it does work...

4. Delete the new Data folder. Restore the old one to its location.

5. Start Portable Firefox and see if it's sorted. If so, rock on... if not... profile may have been messed up. If you want to fix that...

6. Backup the Data folder again. If it's still in the alternate location, don't worry.

7. Delete the FirefoxPortable folder.

8. Install Portable Firefox, 3.0.12 (or your old 3.0.10 if you have the installer, or get it on SourceForge). Any 3.0 branch not older than the one you have should work.

9. Run Portable Firefox once. Close it.

10. Replace the new Data folder with the old one. THIS SHOULD WORK!

11. Start Portable Firefox. If it works, exit and install Portable Firefox 3.5.1 (or whatever's newest, when you read this). It SHOULD upgrade right, because it sounds like you didn't upgrade right before. Not saying you didn't, that's just what it looks like.

Worst case scenario, you gotta start your profile again. If you want to salvage some things, the following files will give your new profile a boost:

bookmarks.htm(l?) - Your bookmarks. If they got overcrowded, you could always just open this in your new profile and bookmark anything you absolutely want by right-clicking the link and choosing Bookmark This Link.

cookies.sqlite - Your cookies. Keep these to stay logged-in at sites like this, Google, Yahoo, whatever.

extensions Directory - Your extensions. Be careful about recycling this folder. Best to start over with extensions. Also might want to grab any file called extensions in the profile folder if you want to go that way - there are three of them in mine (.ini, .cache, and .rdf) and they may be necessary.

searchplugins Directory - Your custom search engines. Mine's got BBC News, Bing, Google Images, IMDb, and YouTube - very useful and Firefox doesn't come with them.

Hope this helps.

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